Tracy Penny Light is Assistant Professor, St. Jerome's University in the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.  Tracy’s background in faculty development (she has designed and developed teaching and learning workshops on a variety of issues and co-designed the University of Waterloo’s Teaching Excellence Academy for faculty) has served Tracy well in her own use of ePortfolios in the classroom since 2004.  Prior to coming to St. Jerome’s in 2007, she managed strategic learning projects for the Associate Vice President, Learning Resources and Innovation at the University of Waterloo, a position that included introducing ePortfolios to the campus in a number of programs, including Accounting and Financial Management, History, Co-operative Education, and Residence Life. Tracy's ongoing research focuses on ePortfolio implementation and the ability for reflection in ePortfolios to transform the student experience. Tracy also co-authored with Helen L. Chen the monograph,